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voters cast their ballots to replace outgoing county executive jack johnson. rushern baker worldwide margin against his closest competitor mike jackson. brad bell spent the night at baker's celebration. >> in the middle of the six flags amusement park. a picture is better than a thousand words. prince george's county executive candidate rushern baker celebrating on this day. at 11:30 last night he claimed victory in the race for county executive over share of mike jackson. this has been an interesting race of two high-profile, well- funded candidates. they felt perhaps mike jackson a couple too many controversies surrounding the sheriff's department. baker has campaigned for change and he said in his acceptance speech that change is what you'll bring to the county. >> i think the people have spoken. [applause] i think the message is loud and , it isprince george's time to a medical good county great. [applause] >> this is just the primary. is an overwhelmingly democratic county. we understand the transition will begin very soon for rushern baker to take over as the next county execut
of the vote. >>> we can now declare baker the winner in the race to replace retiring executive jack johnson with 97% of the votes counted. >> baker won the democratic primary with 44% in a five-way race. jackson is second with 33% of the vote, followed by samuel dean, levi and henry turner. >> repoer: baker, a form or state delegate said before the numbers came in tuesday night that if he didn't win on his third try that he was done. well, despite the low voter turnout, baker doesn't have to worry about that anymore as he has won the prince gorge's county executive race. >> baker, baker, baker! >> the 51-year-old addressed the raucous crowd in six flag last night. this w a hotly contested five-way race at times was overshadowed by voter fraud and fake ballots around the county. jackson believed he was the most experienced person for the job, serving as sheriff for the past eight years. as of this morning he has not conceded defeat. he is excited to get to work and create jobs for the residents of prince george's county. >> this is not the finish, this is the beginning line. our goal is grea
. >>> and the results are streamingrom another tough race in prince grge's county. baker is leading for prince george's county executive, but by how much? good morning and welcome backo news 4 today. >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, the 15th day of september, 2010. let's take a live look outside right now. still dark but a nice moing. and jumping jupiter is in the sky to join us today. if you see jupiter jumping, please give us a call. it will replace our lead story. >> bright spot in the western sky. a lot of people saying what is that? it better not b it is jupiter. our largest gas planet the solar system. it is certainly bright in the western sky. at this hour we have a clear skies. 64 in washington. just outside the beltway, it's only in the 50s in most locations. 40s in the mountains eastern shore. away from the waters. right ne the tidewater, 60s. thanks to another area of high pressure that's moved in and is in place will give us plenty of suhine today. but a mild afternoon. low humidity. highs reaching low 80s. increasing clouds. small chance of needed rain. drying out onthursday. if
't act alone. they say 18-year-old jenna baker was pressured into committing the crime. maureen umeh has more. >> she is a very smart girl. >> reporter: a smart girl who made a bad decision, her family says, to help her boyfriend rob this jefferson maryland bank tuesday. >> i've never known her to cause any trouble around here. >> reporter: police a 4-year- old anthony young, jr. jumped over a counter, hit a male teller on the head and cut wires with a knife before running out and through this cemetery with the cash. police say 18-year-old jenna baker drove the getaway car. >> i don't know whether he threatened her. it wasn't my sister. that wasn't who we all know. >> reporter: tips let investigators to westminster where they found some of the stolen cash inside a microwave in wrung's hotel room. they say young and baker used some of the money to buy a video game system, clothes, a printer and school books. >> i guess if you need it, that is what you're going to buy. >> reporter: baker was a student at nearby mcdaniel college studying accounting. her family says she is also seven months
properly. elections were monitored at 14% of the precincts. >>> it appears rushern baker and will be the winner for prince george's county executive. he holds a wide margin against its closest competitor, mike jackson, the shares. baker told supporters he is ready to lead. >> prince george's county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in innovation, first in integrity, and first in public safety. >> baker went on to say it is time to make a good county great. >>> former maryland gov. bob ehrlich won the chance to try to get his old job back. he defeated brian murphy in the republican primary. that sets him or for a rematch with incumbent gov. martin o'malley, who easily won the democratic primary. for complete election results, log on to, the online home of abc 7 news. >>> the light turnout has election officials surprised. thousands of people cast their ballots before yesterday's primary. even taking that into consideration, turnout throughout our area was still very light. >> still ahead on wednesday, continuing c
. >> baker has a wide margin. there is a 15 point spread. brown has reaction to these results. >> it has been a party here all evening. they have felt very confident that baker headquarters. officials, this raises is not being called. but anthony brown says he is ready to call the race. >> the numbers look very strong for baker. he ran a highly organized campaign, putting out a good message. the governor and nine are looking for a strong local parker. -- the governor and i are looking for a strong local partner. martin o'malley and i are pleased that the voters of maryland have decided that we will be the democratic nominee we have been looking at bob ehrlich in namevery match. -- in a rematch. we have been driving down violent crime. we have made major gains and improved public education and expanded health care. >> thank you very much. we have not heard from mr. baker himself. they said they do not want to talk until the race has been officially called. but it has been pretty consistent on light long. he hasn't had a substantial lead over -- he has had a substantial lead over his opponent.
in. they show baker ahead of his primary opponent michael jackson by about 15 percentage points. the other three candidates in that race following with much smaller numbers. as they wait inside the amusement park, many of them are taking roler coaster rides. -- roller coaster rides. kind of a metaphor to the campaign. he will be out to address the supporters as soon as the race is eventually called. baker in his third try for the county executive seat appears to be on the road to victory. we'll keep an eye on what happens to the podium and we'll bring you the remarks as he appears. a real sense of optimism with a roughly 15% lead for baker unofficially we'll be out when those results are official any moment. back to you. >> all right. gary nurenberg, the best election party i've ever seen. it's got a roller coaster. >> [ laughing ] . >>> meantime, angela brooks is in the lead for the race for the state's attorney's job. she is ahead with 42% of the vote but only 32% of the poles have been reporting. also if brooks does win, she would run uno posed in the election -- unopposed in
and pornography. and next to me, mike baker, former cia operative and the president of diligence. he is so tough leather jackets wear him to look cool. and his op-ed page is filled with rage. it is our new york times cory spawnent did. good to see you, pinch. >> check out the op-ed. shut up, let me finish. discussing how madonna is the ultimate feminist. personally i think she is a harlet with a side order of tramp. >> good job there, champ. mahmoud was rude and didn't even get booed. he was reportedly greeted with some applause when he entered the u.n general assembly on thursday, and applauded again even after claiming most people believe the u.s. government was behind the attack on 9/11. we weren't, right? president obama responded calling the crack pote comments hateful and inexcusable, and then adding his beard is ugly and he smells like fish. so on friday the harry hump defended his logic in an interview. >> you punished americans well, but you insulted millions and millions of american biz claiming the u.s. government had a hand in 9/11. scwiet frank -- quite frankly, sir, how can you say
's county to county executive. rushern baker is claiming victory after beating four challengers. we will continued with this morning's team coverage with stacy cohan. she is live in upper marlboro with the latest there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning f persistence counts, well then it certainly paid off for rushern baker. his third attempt at winning the top job in prince george's county, that being the job of county executive. yes, he apparently did succeed last night. i can tell you afterwards there was quite a the part of rushern baker's campaign work ares. rushern baker was facing four other challengers. chief among those was michael jackson. he is the sheriff here in prince george's county. he has won two terms as sheriff and htd endorsement of current county executive jack johnson. however, that was not enough or perhaps indeed that was something that voters did not find favor with. in either case, it appears michael jackson did not win. rushern baker is the champion in this case. several other challengers did not manage to get quite at tension that they had required.
beat mayor fenty. in prince georges county baker is declaring victory in the county executive race but no official reports result. and nationwide, at least two key wince for the conservative tea party movement. again the top headline is a shake-up in the district. vincent gray rode a wave of discontent of victory in the democratic primary. with 90% of the precincts counted, gray grabs 53% of the vote. fenty got 45%. kristin fisher has more on the race that didn't end until four hours ago. kristin? >> i know. crazy. this race wasn't called until around 2:00 this morning and gray didn't even stand up to give his victory speech until a half hour later. so a very late night for everyone involved. for all of the campaign workers here at his headquarters to the candidate himself [cheering and applause] vince gray took the stage around 2:30 this morning at his primary night headquarters. the washington hotel. this victory virtually assures that gray will be the city's next mayor. he face thousand republican challengers and fenty said he would not be a where in candidate. it felt like an e
. for the d.c. incumbent at large, he beat out mhael brown and clark ray. and prince george's county, baker beat out four other opponents including sheriff michael jackson, with 55% of the vote. elaine reyes joins us where baker is holding a press conference this midday. >> reporter: a lot of smiles this morning, baker has a substantial lead. most ofhe night last night. he all, there is no republican candidate in the race. now, making a good county great was the slogan. richard baker is a former delegate who ran for prince george's county. he has promised to improve the systems, and make the county government more responsive. the results came in slow last night because of technical difficulties, that didn't stop the bakecamp from celebrating. >> i think the people have spoken. i think the message was loud and clear. prince george's county, i is time to make a good county great. >> reporter: baker walking in the roo as we speak. going ahead and listen to his remarks as they take place. >> how is everyone doing this morning? did you get a lot of sleep? i know i didn. thank you for being here
sidekick, bill shultz. and you know him and love him, mike baker. if rugged good looks were symbol he's would get banged a lot by marching bands. and he never get the dish, and he is used to wrap fish. it is our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> be sure to check out times columnist gail collins' delightful column on embarassing politician tweets or is it tweaks? either way i am on cocaine right now. >> i bet you are. >> back in my day we called it jazz salt. >> interesting. >> grinding away now, greg. >> fantastic. that's why you are losing weight. >>> and now to the greg-alogue. it is a chillopa of charm in a taco bell of terror. jazz salt. >> jazz salt. >> speaking of, here are some poll numbers that should scare the low wasted chaps off democrats. by a 52 to 42-point margin voter s who rather have george w. bush as president than barack obama. and the tracking of 2010 congressional preferences, republicans lead by 51% to 41%. that lead is the largest since they started tracking this stuff in the early 1500's. and voter biz a margin of -- voters by a margin of
the entire fifth floor and pretty soon we'll have i new occupant here that. will be rushern baker. he did claim victory beating his opponents last night. we have a breakdown of the numbers. rushern baker won with 44% of the vote. his next closest contenter was shaimpg michael jackson who got 33% and samuel dean got 1% -- his next closest contender was sheriff michael jackson would got 333%. michael jackson had the endorsement of the current county executive but that was not enough to propel him to the win. rush enbaker has long talked about reforming education, reducing crime and helping to improve the financial situation here in prince george's county. we have a lot of foreclosures here. however, the county has its aaa bond rating which baker would like to keep intact. we'll hear more of what he has to say at an 11:00 a.m. press conference being held at his headquarters in largo. >>> the race for governor in maryland now set. it will be a rematch of the 2006 battle between robert ehrlich and martin o'malley. governor o'malley easily beat two challengers in the democratic primary winning
race there for the democratic nomination for county executive. baker is claiming the nomination over current county sheriff michael jackson. gary was with baker and he has more. >> i am in prince georges county where three times was the charm for baker who succeeded in his attempt to secure the democratic nomination for prince georges county executive, leading by a comfortable margin. his closest opponent michael jackson. >> prince georges county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in invasion first in integrity and first in public safety. >> reporter: it was like a rock show when baker finished his remarks. they wouldn't let him off the stage. at times it seemed he would be crowd surfing. this group of supporters pleased he secured the nomination. >> in other prince georges county races -- the race for prince georges county sheriff is a close one. the candidates are neck and neck. in montgomery county, republican will face the democrat in november. he won the republican primary for montgomery county executive with 67% of the vote. we
, opportunity in the cities and peace in our streets. they are the folks at the ella baker center in oakland, a human rights agency now 14 years old and dedicated to making changes somewhat deem impossible. but she has a program that goes for ten months, heel the streets. it is kind of a fellowship. >> yes. >> it is a ten month program. we pay young people to be trained as advocates for the policies in the cities of oakland. >> let's talk about oakland. there are challenges there clearly. we hear a lot of bad news coming out of oakland. it is violent. we worry about citizens, kids. what makes you think this program is going to fix things? >> oakland is like many urban communities in the united states and a lot of times it is young people of color who are the victims of violence but there are also the ones perpetrating the violence due to the systemic causes. those things are the reasons why we feel if we can address them with the young people and get them to speak on those issues and speak about their experience, they will be able to sway policy and the ideas for people affecting their life
for a decorated world war ii veteran >> arm lieutenant vernon baker with you a medal of honor recipie recipient. he waited 50 years. >> he died in july after a long battle with brain cancer. he fought at a time when african american soldiers weren't awarded medals of honor. and while he didn't consider himself a hear over-the-countr lieutenant baker was the only member of his union who lived to receive an honor he deserved long ago. it is one of the most solemn yet regal responsibilities lington cemetery has to carry out. a horse drawn carriage taking an army great to his final resting place. vernon baker joined t segregated u.s.rmy months before the united states entered world war ii. he served in the first all black unit to intercom bat. he was a fighter who wanted to just be a soldier. >> we have two leg and two arms and a brain just like everybody else. except the outward color of our skin was different. we thought just like everybody else. >> reporter: it was april 1945. baker killed or wounded nine german soldiers. he tack out machine gun nets and drew enemy fire so his wounded men could
. >> the suspect were a bonnie and clyde team, but 18-year-old jenna baker's family says there much more to the story. they believe baker was coerced into doing what they're calling the unthinkable. >> she is a very smart girl. >> reporter: a smart girl who made a bad decision her family says to help her boyfriend rob this jefferson, maryland bank tuesday. >> i've never known her to really cause any trouble around here. >> reporter: police say 24-year- old anthony young jr. jumped over a counter, hit a male teller on a head, then cut the wires with a knife before running out into this cemetery with the cash. police say 18-year-old jenna baker drove the get-away car. >> i don't know whether he threatened her. it wasn't my sister. that wasn't who we all know. >> reporter: tips led investigators to westminster where they found some of the stolen cash inside a microwave in young's hotel room. they say young and baker used some of the money to buy a video game system, clothes, a printer and school books. >> our guess is if you need it, that's what you're going to buy, you know. >> reporter: b
and the globalists like speaky me. remember, i'm a baker not a divider. like a lover not a fighter but a yummy ending. infer mind. the administration and the progressives and the marxists see the world's wealth contained in this, you have one pie, the entire world only has one pie. and so they want to make sure that absolutely everybody, the small businessman, he runs the bar downtown and the mayor, he is with the government and he is the mayor. and we have mr. burns, he runs the nuclear power plant. okay? he gets a slice of pie. and then you have homer which i heard from cass sunstein represents you, the average american person -- dope i and barney the drunk does nothing but drink all daily gets a slice of pie. where is quinnby who should have a bigger piece of pie. he should have more. this is mo, the small business person. i will give it to mr. burns. bebut showed take it from mr. burns because he is the richest but he is in with quinnby. got it? looking good so far, right? a lot of people in our government, now, are teaching our children this is the way our system should be. the rest of us know t
by baker and he is promising to appoint a inspector general to clean things up. >> reporter: it promises to be a dramatically changed prince george's county government. there will be new faces and five of the eight council seats will have new people too. >> i don't plan to wait until december. i plan to meet with the budget folks immediately. >> reporter: for baker, the third time running for county executive was the charm. he defeated county sheriff michael jackson and four challenges despite the endorsement of jackson by the current county executive jack johnson. baker took no direct shots at jackson or johnson but said he wants to create an inspector general office to clean up county government. >> i think if we're going to have the confidence in the public, whether perceived or reality, that prince george's county is a place you can't do business or contracts are being handed out, we need an inspector general who is independent from the council and county executive to come in and make the hard decision. >> reporter: baker will join angela alsobrooks for state attorney and melvin hine
. paramedics treated the man at the scene for minor injuries. >>> former state delegate rushern baker it will be the new prince george's county executive. yields on what margin against its closest competitor, prince george's county sheriff michael jackson. baker told supporters he is ready to lead. >> prince george's county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in an innovation, first in integrity, and first in public safety. >> he went on to say that he believes it's time to make a good county great. former maryland gov. bob ehrlich won the chance to try to get his old job back. the defeated brian murphy in the republican primary. that sets him up for a rematch with martin o'malley, who easily won the democratic primary. log on to similar results. more election results. >>> thousands of voters cast early ballots before yesterday's primary. even taking that into consideration, the turnout was still light. >>> still ahead, continuing coverage of tuesday's primaries and we will talk about the power of the tea party. >> and a colleg
-birding. if you're if it to win it, the birder to beat is bill baker. this bill baker, the classic's five-time defending champion. >> you going to take the left, andy? i'll take the right side. >> reporter: his three-man team will cover 2,000 miles in five days. >> it's quick pace. we don't sit in one spot very long. >> reporter: and baker scout it is entire course before the competition begins. >> every team is going to find the bird you would expect to find. and so you have to go beyond what's expected in order to win. >> reporter: mention baker's name and many birders here lose their bravado. you're going to have to beat him. >> i am. >> reporter: is it possible? >> um... >> reporter: come on. >> yes. >> reporter: it is? >> yes. >> reporter: this year? >> no! >> reporter: she was right. baker won again spotting 308 different species, proving that with both birds and birders there is a pecking order. mark strassmann, cbs news, high island, texas. >> couric: and that's the cbs for tonight. i'm katie couric. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs ca
, the focus has been on the top two, rushern baker and michael jackson. after months of hitting the campaign trail, finally down to the top two candidates vying to be the next county executive in prince george's county. in tough economic times, michael jackson and rushern baker are talking jobs. >> we can build capacity for our businesses to borrow, employment, that is our focus. >> we emphasize places like new carrollton. we take stay dollars and federal dollars and development around metro stations. >> baker runs a foundation for trying to bring quality teachers to the county. but that experience had trained me to deal with problems that lie ahead for prince george's county. >> michael jackson has been the sheriff's the past eight years. >> i don't take anything lightly. the only leader in this race, i can handle it to do what i have faced the last eight years. >> a little after 7:00 rushern baker will be here to cast his vote. the polls will be open until 8:00 tonight in d.c. and maryland. election officials in maryland say they expect 32% of eligible voters to be a today for the primary
action and nasty allegations about fires which seemed to mislead voters about endorsements. sharon baker and michael jackson challenged each other's records. >> what i am suggesting is, something is not right. >> baker had posted that his work with non-profit organizations help bring new development in challenged areas and new teachers to prince george's county classrooms. today, jackson called a press conference to highlight a 2004 government audit which showed baker's organization was forced to return hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money for nonperformance. but citizens ought to know who they vote for and they ought to know if they are voting for a person who has attempted many projects and if they have completed them or not. >> baker declined on-camera comments today, but his campaign did issue a statement. it said it was 11th-hour desperation, and baker did say that he gained valuable experience learning how to bring jobs to the community during his time working with nonprofits. brad bell, abc7 news. >>> looking at a news around region.ound the december through march, gues
george's county where rushern baker has won democratic nomination for county executive. he beat out four chal engers including sheriff michael jackson. the race for governor in maryland is set. it will be a rematch of the 2006 battle between bob ehrlich and martin o'malley. o'malley won the democratic nomination with 83% of the vote if we could take a look at the numbers now. if not, you can keep an eye on the numbers at the bottom of the screen. ehrlich won the republican nomination winning nearly 80% of the votes. primaries were held in several other states with a huge post- election result coming out of delaware. ainsley earhart has more. >> reporter: a night of surprises after voters cast their primary vote. in delaware, christine o'donnell upset mike cassel in the senate primary. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we the people. >> reporter: the sarah palin- backed tea party candidate has no experience in elective office. she will face chris kunz in november. >> sadly all andrew offers us is status cuomo. >> reporter: new york's charlie rangel prevailed. >> if they take an exa
and declined to reveal his future plans. >> paul wagner in the newsroom. >>> baker is almost a sure thing to be the next prince georges county executive. celebrating his first democratic primary win. baker grabbed 44% of the votes over four other candidates. no republicans ran for their party's nomination and leaving baker the winner in november. he's moving ahead with his plan. [ applause ] >> how's everyone doing? >> reporter: county executive jack johnson could run for re- elect and robert ehrlich will face o'malley in november. he won last night's -- the former governor said he wants to cut a 1% increase in the sales tax and o'malley pushed through in 2007. o'malley who easily won his primary has been time outing record investments in education despite tough economic times in his tenure. >>> cemetery scandal. still ahead on the edge, the army reveals shocking information about a mix-up at arlington national. >> take a look at this horse. you can see its bones are protruding. it's one of 53 horses seized from a farm in martinsburg, west virginia. the horse is malnourished and left with
in this democratic primary. now, baker's main issues in his campaign have been education and jobs. he's really pushing for development around the 15 metro stations here in prince george's county. his closest rival at this point in the early returns is sheriff michael jackson. he says his experience in prince george's county the lst four years makes him the most qualified candidate. also running in this primary, couilmember sam bean, levi and businessman henry turner. but those three are not having as many numbers come in in their favor so far this evening. it was a very low turnout here in prince george's county in this primary today, and candidates worked very hard to get their supporters out to the polls. let's hear first from baker and then sherry jackson. >> the third time the charm? >> i think so. i feel good. i think we're going to be good tonight. >> is it your last try? if you don't win this one, you're done? >> i think this is it,nd i think we're going to prevail tonight. it feels really good from every part of the county. we're doing very well. i feel good about our ances. >> i feel
executive nominee ra shirm baker is now speaking. let's listen in. >> it's a resounding course of renewal and reform tonight. for every part of prince georges county, from green belt to fort washington. from ashkaghee to capital hits, from gillam to largo and from right here in this room tonight, prince georges, capital heights in the room,. [cheers] >> oxton hill is in the house. >> oxton hill is in the house, thank you, you delivered, thank you. bowie is in the house. prince georges is in the house. [cheers and applause] prince georges county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in innovation, first in integrity, and first in public safety. [crowd shouting yeah] [crowd chanting "baker"] >> thank you. thank you. now i know that all the results aren't in. but i -- i think the people have spoken. and i think the message is loud and clear. prince georges, it's time to make a good county great. >> you've just been listening to baker right there as he is basically declared himself the winner there for the democratic nomination for county execut
. new faces will take the reins in all of the major county offices. the winner rushern baker beating outgoing executive jack johnson. and today baker was promising to clean up county government. >> whether it's perceived or reality that prince george's county is a place where you can't do business or that there are contracts just being handed out, we need an inspector general who is independent from the council and county executive to come in and make the decisions. >> five of the eight county council members will be new faces. because this county is so heavily democratic, the primary winners face to opposition for the job election -- the general election in november and are virtually assured of winning. >>> now that the primaries are done, the white house is shifting focus to the bush era tax cuts but for the middle class only. president obama wants congress to preserve the tax cuts for families making less than a quarter million dollars a year and also wants to allow the breaks for the wealthy americans to expire. but the president's running into opposition on that one. >> once aga
michael jackson and baker. both men are pushing improvements and change. today, they made their last- minute pitch for the vote. >> reporter: going door-to-door to get out the vote in prince georges county. >> and michael jackson ran for county executive. >> reporter: sheriff michael jackson and baker are making their final rounds, rallying support and trying to spray the minds of still undecided voters. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: both candidates are campaigning on three main issues: education, economic development and crime reduction. >> i'm the only executive in the race. the only person that led an agency. >> reporter: he believes he's best qualified to tackle the job and he was born and bread t in the county, holding several positions, including teaching. he believes that makes him better suited to address students' needs. school unions are endorsing him. >> my name is in congressional record and we're naturally recognized for the child support initiative, our school resource initiative where we place deputy sherinnives in the schools. >> reporter: baker is making a third run
baker fought at a time when african-american soldiers were not awarded medals of honor. he never considered himself a hero button lie member of his you no it live to receive a long overdo honor. it is one of the most solemn yet regal responsibility arlington cemetery has to carry out. taking a soldier to his final resting place. he joined a segregated army before the united states entered world war ii. he served in the first all-black unit to enter combat and he was fighter who wanted to just be a soldier. >> we have two leg, two arms and a brain just like everybody else except the colo of our skin was different. we thought just like everybody else. >> it was april 1945, baker killed or wounded ni german soldiers. he took out machine gun nests and drew enemy fire so his wounded men could escape. baker was awarded the distinguished service cross. buthen the pentagon took another look at the service records of decorated black soldiers, president clinton made things right. he award ven medals of honor in 1997. baker was the only recipient still alive. >> i don't consider my saefl he
them to you. >> let's get to maryland to the prince georges race. jackson versus baker, you can see baker has 46% of the votes to michael jackson's 37%, dean coming in at 13%. only 24% of the precincts reporting there. >>> to the race for governor in the state of maryland, we are talking about the democratic primary, o'maly won the nomination with 89% of the votes. >> no surprise there with o'maley bringing in the democratic ticket. it is a rematch from four years ago, urich has won the nomination for governor of maryland with 78% of the vote. >>> we're following the race for us senate in maryland. barbara mccolski incumbant handily winning that one with 84% of the votes. >>> the fox5 news team covering every angle of this primary tonight. we're going to start with wisdom martin, live at vincent gray's headquarters tonight. wisdom, i know we have no numbers, but how's it going. >> reporter: vincent gray has been doing campaigning. he's been out campaigning all day long, continuing to get his message out there, that he's the man this city has to change, he's the man bringing people t
leader, and a leader that they know, and they trust. >> his chief rival, rushern baker, is making his own push. >> i feel confident that we have done everything we need to do. it is in the voters' hands. >> many voters are not looking at the past. they are focusing on what candidates will do to better the future. >> it is time for change. >> both baker and jackson are talking education and jobs as top priorities. there issues that are prairies' for voters turned >> someone who will be able to lift prince george's county from the lower ranks into the upper echelon. >> one small glitch -- at the clinton united methodist polling place, six of the 18 boating machines were not working. no delays for voters. the polls will stay open until 8:00 p.m. tonight. >>> there might be a gubernatorial rematch in battleground maryland. incumbent governor martin o'malley is expected to get his party's nomination. on the republican side, voters will be choosing between brian murphy and former governor robert ehrlich. murphy has the support of sarah palin. >>> across the country, tea party challenges are hop
. >>> and the race for county executive. michael jackson and baker are considered the front-nners. levi, dean, and turner are the other candidates in this primary. they're all trying to replace jack johnson, returning to private sector after eight years in office. you can get the latest information any time on >>> right now 5:04. a commuter alrt. metro continues to work to repair a stringf elevator outages that have affected several northern virginia stations. elevators went out at half of the stations in arlington yesterday. they includes rouse lynn, courthouse, pentagon, crystal city stations. paramedics had to free one woman got trapped when it sully shut down at the courthouse station. work could last through tomorw. still not clear what caused the elevator toss shut down. >>> another commuter alert in prince george's county. if you take the bus you may want to make alternate plans. that's because drivers are on strike. union members are striking for better jobsecurity, improved health insurance, and changes in the discipnary changes. officials say cameras have helped i
. five people are in e running, jackson and baker are the front-runners. levi, sam dean and henry turner are also in the running. tracee wilkins i live in upper marlboro with more on this tight race. tracy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a busy morning at this polling place inpper marlboro. we pretty much had company all morning long. more campaign workers out here and poll workers as well. in addition to county executive, they are also going to be voting for county council, sheriff, state's attorney's office. there's a lot happening here and folks have plenty of choices. th five candidates seeking the democratic nomination. yesterday headquarters were in full gear as they went door to door, including sheriff michael jackson. >> i am a proven leader. i have a proven record. i brought resources to prince george's county, provided leadership of an agency that was almost ex tipth when i walkedn the door in 2002 as sheriff. >> reporter: >> reporter: jacksons considered one of two front-runners, along with baker, who ran three times for county executive seat. >> this is a great oppo
that flight. swedish authorities are now trying to track down the canadian caller. >>> vernon baker was the only living black world war ii vet to receive the coveted medal of honor. baker died in july. he was laid to rest friday at arlington national cemetery. his widow said he considered himself just a simple soldier. cnn's natasha barrett has more on this american hero. >> reporter: for years, vernon baker's wife didn't know what her husband accomplished in world war ii. baker's wife said he never spoke about the war until decades later, when the army lieutenant was awarded the medal of honor by president clinton. baker was the only living black world war ii veteran to receive the military's highest honor. >> 50 years he had to wait before he got the medal of honor. >> reporter: what do you think he would have said today? >> what he would have said, my husband was never a person for big crowds. he would have said, babe, here there are so many people. let's go home. >> reporter: baker's heroic actions in the war were finally recognized in 1996. an army study reevaluated the heroism
of the city council. and baker won the race for executive, and won with 44%, beating michael jackson who got 33% and samuel dean with 13%. >>> and we get more now from stacy cohan -- stacy who is live in upper marlboro and is this a big surprise or was it expected yesterday? >> reporter: well i think it was hoped by baker. he's run three times. this is his third effort. he wins points for persistence. who knows if that's why the electorate decided to give him a shot at this job. but there was a big celebration on behalf of his backers. his closest competition this time around was michael jackson who was endorsed by jack johnson, but baker defeating michael jackson 44% to 33%. and now baker is already talking about the job ahead. >> we feel really good about where we are right now, the campaign came through. we knew we were doing well in all sections of the county but the most important thing that we talked about add nazi um was creating jobs. i have some great partners so i'm looking forward to it. and i can't wait to get back in here and party with the people who made it happen. >> reporter
's time to make a good county great. >> baker seasonally wins the top post. no republicans are challenging him in november. >>> montgomery county executive race, doug louse rosenfeld won 69% to 31%. rosen feld will face leggett, the first african-american elected to that office and unopposed in the democratic primary. let's take a look at our forecast for the day. nice day after election? >> certainly off to a beautiful start. no fog. clr sky. off to a cool start. many locations in the 50s right now in washington. temperatures, as we look around the region, low to mid-60s there. upper 50s in prince george's county. mid-50s in montgomery. near 60 near the bay. away from the water,idewater gion and eastern shore only in the 50s. and out of the mountains, a chilly morning in the 40s. western maryland and west virginia over the last 12 hours we have had high pressure giving us clear sky. plenty of sunshine with highs reaching low 80s, low humidity. increasing clouds on thursday. a shower after sunset thursday evening. drying out by friday afternoon. details on that in just a few minutes. >>> t
state delicate. michael jackson is the prince georges county sheriff. baker has been endorsed by union local 1899. jackson has become the target of their negative campaign and it seems voters have mixed emotions about it. it happened two years ago, but the two dogs sheriff deputies shot and killed during a misinformed drug raid are now front and center on pamphlets mailed to voters. it is a stark difference free from sheriff jackson's open baker. the ads were paid for by fdiu. neither candidate approved the ads. here's jackson's response. >> they know nothing about michael jackson and my i come publishments over the last eight years. >> according to a spokeswoman, the union represents 1700 health care workers at prince georges county hospital. >> there are many examples of how he operates that agency and the fear is he would operate the county in the same way. >> reporter: many voters say they agree. >> you have to look at their previous record. history is a good indicator for the future. >> talk about what happened two years ago, it is important to talk about the stuff that matters to
at visit our maryland news page. >>> more endorsements for baker. baker is running for the office of portion county executive. former executive paris glendening and kelly are expected to announce their support today. >>> u.s. capitol police report that a senior aide to senator boxer was arrested for possession of marijuana. the report says that marcus stanley was stopped by an officer this week as he tried to bring pot in to the gnat office building. the spokeswoman for senator boxer says stanley is no longer employed in her office. >>> philanthropist john cluji is being remembered today. he died earlier this week. he was once listed as the wealthiest man in america and built a broadcasting empire that was the forerunner to fox television. he donated tens of millions of dollars though the university of virginia and the library of congress. he was 95 years old. >>> democrats in richmond say they have reservations about governor mcdonnell's plan to privatize liquor sales. the republican leader wants to sell the state's 332 abc stores then the commonwealth will auction
. happened about 1:00 o'clock this afternoon on baker street near brad avenue. mmn was shot and stumbled into a neaa by business. he was pronounced dead later onn% at the hospital. >> barricade situation ends with the arrest oo shooting police spotted 19-year-old michael ellis on court near baker street. they say ellis went inside a home and stand off ensued. swat team was then called in. >> dueeto the nature of the warrant for which he was wanted that is why we tookkall the precautions to protect everyone in the neighborhood and do whattwe did to apprehend him. >> ellis wanted for shoooing early this month after a 3 hour stand off. poliie finally took him into custody. are investigating a seriousty stabbbng in rice town at the intersection of roote 140 and franklin boulevard. police aren't ure in a robbery happened but a fight broke out before the man was stabbed. victim died from the injjries. suspect still on the loose. 14-year-old girl accused of murdering a man during a robbery attempt last month will be harged as an adult. police say miss holt shot 84-year-old jose when sse
candidates are michael jackson who was the -- the sheriff here for the past eight years and rash earn baker. baker had lost to jack johnson and holing that the third time is the charm. both talking about education reform, crime fighting and efforts to pull this county out of an economic slump. >> we are nationally recognized for my child support initiative and school resource initiative to place mentors in the school to guide our young people. >> reporter: we were unable to catch up with baker yesterday but he is coming here to visit us in the next hour at the eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbelt. so i'll let you know what he has to say. and the election continues here with the workers lined up. the polls are open. a few people have gone in early this morning. they tell me they are expecting quite a rush of people here. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >>> voters in maryland counties are choosing candidates for municipal officers. >> sheriffs, board of education, state attorney, court clerk and treasurers on the board in frederick, montgomery, prince george's and st. mary
of world war ii who was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. vernon baker, his family and friends traveled from idaho for the service. for his heroic actions during the war, he was awarded the medal of honor. vernon baker was 90 years old. >>> the funeral for a navy seal from silver spring, killed in afghanistan, will be october 4th. the dematha high school graduate brendan looney was among the american military personnel killed on tuesday. his funeral will take place at st. john the baptist roman catholic church in silver spring. there will be a prayer service for him tomorrow at dematha high. >>> at waller reed the army honored two soldiers with a purple heart. rick zimmerman and private first class loveless were injured while supporting combat operations in afghanistan. the purple heart is give on the members of the million. >>> after democrats decided to delay a vote on preserving tax cuts their counterparts in the house are saying not so fast. pelosi is considering calling a vote on the issue next week. >> america's middle class will have a tax cut. it will be done in this co
and more than 8,600 pound king cake. that, according to the bakers, could wrap around the superdome twice. guinness officials are expected to verify soon whether the cake qualifies as the world's largest king cake. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's the weather channel's bill ckarins. bill m you ever tried alligator meet maet? >> no. >> kind of mike chicken. kind of me made me hungry. >> no, i lived in florida for a while. i never did that. i had a date with a taxidermist, though. good morning, everyone. in the pacific northwest you've got a little weak storm going through with some showers early today. that's about it. the rest of the weather pattern is quiet. now all that rain from new mexico up through colorado and the plains. we've got a nice quiet day today in much of nevada, arizona, utah, and in california. should be a goody in phoenix, too, after some of that rainfall yesterday. you can see just this little frontal system here that's kicking through some showers and clouds in the pacific northwest. it's not a lot of wet weather, as i mentioned. it's g
it. >> your welcome. >>> in prince george's county, baker is the winner. he beat out michael jackson. he won with 44%. michael jackson got 33% of the vote and samuel dean had 13%. we got more from stacy cohan live in upper marlborough. stacy, good morning. >> reporter: well good morning. and this race is let startling than what happened in washington, d.c. but it's original in its own way. you have rash earn baker three times, and i asked him why you would run three times. and he was determined. and now he beat out michael jackson, the sheriff for two terms. jackson has been endorsed by jack johnson. that was not enough to put him over the top. and indeed baker, in talking casually last night thanked his supports and said he knew he had a big job ahead. >> we feel good about where we are right now. the campaign came through. but the most important thing, and we talked about this probably ad nauseam, was our education system and creating jobs and that's what i want to do with county executives. i have some great partners and i'm happy to party with the people that made it happen. >> r
'm in prince georges county where three times was the charm for baker who succeeded in his third attempt to secure the nomination, the democratic nomination for prince georges county executive leading by a comfortable margin. his closest opponent michael jackson. >> prince georges county is ready to be first in education [ cheering ] >> first in job creation. fist in opportunity, first in invasion, first in integrity [ cheering ] and first in public safety. >> reporter: it was like a rock show when baker finished his remarks. they wouldn't let him off the stage and at times it seemed as though he would be crowd surfing this happy group of report supporters please he succeeded to get the nomination as prince georges county executive ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: staying in prince georges county in the race for state's attorney to replace glenn ivey, -- we are running race results at the bottom of the screen continuously and you can log on to our website at and click on the campaign 2010 banner at the top of the home page. >>> five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" re
and baker in west baltimore. police told them car, armed with a gun. they took his wallet and shoo him several times. he mannged to walk in to the nearby restaurant to ask for help. >> the person that as in the (unintelligible) the last worrs he saii, "somebody shot mee call 911. he was holding his id up and wasn't able to, after that point, contain himself. >>reporter: he collapsed and police told him there was an s anonymous witness, but they need more information to crack 1 the case. >> i'm hoping somebody in the neighborhood woull say ou know what? we had three little poys. we understann what happened and we feel compassion forrthe family and we want those boys to know what >> we're still not getting answers because the person that saw this is afraid to come forward. i encourage you. come forward. if you saw something, please come forward. >>reporter: the family is offering a reward for innormation that leads to an arrest. since this shooting took place in broad daylight, they believe it's possible there was more than one witness oo someone else who may know something that
dramatic change thanks to term limits and the primary results. the winner is baker who beat four other competitors to replace jack johnson. today baker promised an inspector general would help clean up county government. >> i think if we're going to have the confidence in the public, whether it's perceived or reality, that prince george's county is a place where you can't do business or that are contracts just being handed out, we need an inspector general who is independent from the council and county executive to come in and make the hard decisions. >> now baker joins other winners, including angela alsobrooks for state's attorney and melvin hite who is winning in a tight race for sheriff. five of eight county council members will also be new faces. >>> you could say a lot of long- time republicans are choking on the bitter taste of tea today. the tea party movement can claim wins in seven republican senate races and one of the biggest shockers is christine o'donnell in delaware. she took the senate nomination from nine-term congressman mike castle. democrats are encouraged about the
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